Australian Mustang Mach-E Specifications Confirmed

Full Australian specifications for the Ford Mustang Mach-E have been confirmed, with details live on the Ford Australia website, where customers can also reserve their vehicle.

The all-electric Mustang Mach-E – the first production Ford ever developed from the ground-up to deliver pure-electric, zero-emission driving – is arriving for customers in Australia from Q4 2023.

The Mustang Mach-E introduces the freedom, performance, and iconic character of the world’s best-selling sports car to all-electric vehicle customers. Powered by a responsive, energy-efficient, battery-electric drivetrain, the first-ever SUV member of the Mustang family delivers impressive performance and acceleration.

The Australian Ford Mustang Mach-E line up starts with the ‘Select’ RWD model at $79,9901, plus on-road costs. The complete line up with pricing and performance is as follows:

  Mach-E Select Mach-E Premium Mach-E GT
Recommended Retail Pricing1 $79,990 + ORCs $91,665 + ORCs $107,665 + ORCs
Battery Capacity 71 kWh 91 kWh 91 kWh
WLTP Range2 470km 600km 490km
kW 198 216 358
Nm 430 430 860
0 to 100 KMH3 6.6 seconds 6.2 seconds 3.7 seconds

“Mach-E is an extremely exciting addition to our EV line-up, and brings all the excitement of Mustang, with the tech, performance and luxury expected of a fully-electric SUV. We can’t wait for Mach-E customers to get behind the wheel in just a few months,” said Andrew Birkic, President and CEO, Ford Australia.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Set to Thrill

Propelled by more torque than any production Ford road-vehicle ever offered to customers in Australia, the Mustang Mach-E GT can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 3.73 seconds – making it Ford Australia’s fastest accelerating vehicle.

A dual-motor, all-wheel drive, battery-electric powertrain, exclusive to GT MagneRide® adaptive suspension and high-performance Brembo braking system combine for sports car responsiveness and agility. The Mustang Mach-E GT also features unique tyres that are specially-designed to distribute the extreme torque to the road surface.

In addition, the Untame Plus4 mode – for track use only – is designed to help drivers balance the powertrain output on a track for lap time consistency – simultaneously adjusting traction and stability control for a more exciting driving experience where conditions allow.

Bespoke GT specification includes Ford Performance front sports seats, standard 20-inch alloy wheels and unique body-styling – further differentiating the premium SUV’s sleek and powerful design while retaining the unmistakable signatures of the world’s best-selling sports car.

Safety, Security and Driver Assistance5

Mustang Mach-E Select and Premium have earned the top five-star safety rating by independent testing body, ANCAP. GT is unrated.

Standard equipment includes autonomous emergency braking (AEB) with car-to-car, vulnerable road user, junction assist, and back-over functionality. Lane keep assist, lane departure warning, emergency lane keeping and an advance speed assistance system are also standard.

LFP battery chemistry to benefit Ford customers

The Mach-E Select boasts a 71kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, offering a driving range of up to 470 kilometres2.

Offering LFP on Mach-E Select – in addition to the nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) batteries found in Premium and GT – allows Ford customers to choose a Mustang Mach-E with unique battery performance characteristics most aligned with their needs.

LFP batteries are very durable and tolerate more frequent and faster charging while using fewer high-demand, high-cost materials. These LFP batteries will power a variety of affordable, next-generation Ford EV passenger vehicles and trucks under development.

LFP battery technology also helps reduce reliance on critical minerals such as nickel and cobalt, and is in line with Ford’s work to create an EV supply chain that upholds its commitments to sustainability and human rights.


Mustang Mach-E will be available in an eye-catching range of seven colours. Shadow Black is a standard paint colour, while all others are prestige paint that comes at an additional cost of $700.

Colour Standard Prestige
Shadow Black 🗸  
Star White   🗸
Space White   🗸
Vapour Blue   🗸
Grabber Blue   🗸
Rapid Red   🗸
Carbonised Grey   🗸


The Ford Australia Charge Continues

The Mach-E is part of an ongoing customer-focused electrification strategy that will give Australian customers the choice of at least five new Ford electrified vehicles by the end of 2024.

This year Ford Australia has already launched the E-Transit full-electric commercial van, with E-Transit Custom BEV and Puma BEV to follow in 2024.

Ford Australia’s EV rollout forms part of Ford’s global investment of US$50 billion in electrification through 2026.


1.        Recommended MLP only, including LCT. As always, the selling price of any vehicle or option is entirely at the discretion of the Dealer.

2.        Based on a full charge. Estimated range of Mach-E using Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Figures shown are for comparability purposes and should only be compared with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements like temperature, driving behaviours, route profile, vehicle maintenance, and battery age and condition. WLTP Overall Range reflects a combined driving cycle. This test is conducted in controlled conditions with an ambient temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and no climate or electrical load

3.        The acceleration test was conducted on a closed circuit by a trained driver. Ford test data based on typical industry methodology using 1-ft. rollout. Your results may vary. Drive safely and be aware of the speed limit at all times and monitor your speed accordingly.

4.        This feature is only available when the HV battery state of charge is above about 35%, the ambient temperature is above 32.0°F (0°C) and the HV battery temperature is warm. To use this feature, you must be in untame mode with the untame plus slider selected with the battery at operating temperature. When using this mode, one pedal drive is not available and other driver assistance features disable. Designed for track use only.

5.        Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgement and need to control the vehicle. May not operate at certain speeds, or in certain driving, road or weather conditions. See Owner’s Manual for details and limitations.